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      Does it feel like the post office is worse to anyone else?

      Someone shipped me a rising spectral in the original packaging (but did not double box) and the wing tips were destroyed upon arrival. (Packaging looked fine.)

      I shipped a scratching dragon out last week. I cut the zips off ziplock bags as the first layer, wrapped him in bubble wrap, double boxed, surrounded him in packing peanuts in the first box so there was no movement, put the first box in a bigger box and had packing paper and windstone packing peanuts on all sides. He arrived with significant rub damage. (Packaging looked fine.)

      Yesterday, I opened a dragon gargoyle. It was wrapped in 3 layers of grocery bag, and then A LOT of bubble wrap. then boxed. then the first box was in a second box, full of bubble wrap and air pockets. It had significant damage where the tail met the body in the back. (Packaging looked fine.)

      I’m very close to being unwilling to ship without original boxes.


        I have horror stories across all transit vendors at this point… sadly… They’re all pretty terrible

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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