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    Hey guys, sorry to have dissapeared on you again…..Been having a lot of trouble with migraines and the new medication they have me on. I can’t stare at the computer screen for more than like 5 min at a time so haven’t really been on.

    If anyone needs to contact me, or if I owe you something, i.e. pictures, information, product, please contact me and let me know. I’ve lost track of so much over the last 2 months including having to drop all my classes in school. I’m really sorry if I was supposed to get back to you and haven’t.

    I do try and check my actual e-mail so can be best reached there: schalacat13 at yahoo dot com

    I may not be back here very often but I love and miss you all.


    I hope you feel better and that Santa brings you something that will help you with those headaches.


    🙁 Feel better. I never talked to you before but regardless I hate to hear of anyone’s suffering. I have my own issues and it SUCKS so I can kinda empathize.

    *hug* I hope you find something to conquer those migraines, I really do!


    I’m so sorry to hear that you are still having trouble with those migraines, Cat. 🙁 I hope this clears up very soon for you, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable and painful that must feel. Thanks so much for updating us, I’ve been wondering where you went. *Hugs*

    I’ll see you cats at that big jam in the sky.


    I am so sorry about that! I hope you are able to get these migraines resolved! *hugs*


    I hope your migranes clear up there, Cat… I know how uncomfortable they can be, as I get them from time to time (just the other day the smell of peanuts set one off… :shrug: ) I can’t imagine getting them all the time for months on end.

    Glad to hear from you though!



    Lotsa hugs for you, Cat! I hope the migraines at least leave you alone for Christmas so you can enjoy a couple peacful days.


    I had a relatively good day today, got a lot accomplished, like actualy cleaning the growing mountain of “stuff” piling up in the corner of the room was about to my waist, could have hid a small herd of children in there…….I atribute it to some really good Plaisir Yogourt Fraise Schweizer Milchschokolade. Love you Maria! <3


    XD Glad I could help!


    I’m glad to hear you are alive and kicking. I hope you start feeling better soon (preferably, right now).


    Lots of good thoughts heading your way! *hugs*


    Bummer! I hope these migraines can clear up soon…

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    I’m adding my best wishes here as well for you to feel better. How miserable that must be that your whole life is disrupted because of these migraines. I really, really hope they go away soon! It would be wonderful to have you on a regular basis–to migraine headaches–eat hot death and die! 👿


    That sucks, Cat. Hope those go away soon.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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