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    Hi all! I first joined about two weeks ago and didn’t get around to getting my account together until now. Combination of stuff in the real-world and procrastination. Anyhoo, I was told about this place by my sister who heard about it from her best friend. Dragons and dwarfs (especially the Disney kind) are my interests in a nutshell. Hope to hear from people very soon. 🙂 My previous topic didn’t go through for it said it took too long to post.


    Hello and welcome!

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    zoey miler

    Hey welcome aboard dear.


    Hi Sara. Welcome. Have you collected Windstones before or are there any you are hoping to acquire? My daughter got me into collecting these years ago although she’s a bigger collector than me.


    Welcome!Glad you joined.Great place to meet awesome folks,have some fun and laughs and of course,the WINDSTONES!!😊

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    Grail wish...MALE HEARTH💘One day...

    Celestial Rainstorm

    Hullo! Pleasure to meet you! Welcome to the forum!

    Finding happiness again.




    Thanks, everyone! I’m certain that I have some Windstone dragons I’ve collected over the years as well as some that my sister’s best friend gave me recently this year. Several months ago, my brother’s cat knocked down a shelf in my bedroom and several of my dragons were wrecked beyond repair! But a little while after, my sister’s best friend sent me many new dragons, some she had around her place and others she recently purchased from here.

    Well, hope to partake in more conversations with everyone here, also hope to make some purchases at some point.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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