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    Did you know, fellow Canadians, that our holiday has a completely different origin than the American version? (That’s why they’re in different months too.) The shared customs (aka, turkey,) come from British loyalists who migrated to Canada after the American Revolution, but Thanksgiving in Canada is much older than that. In fact, it stems from an explorer named Martin Frobisher who tried to find the Northwest Passage. On his third voyage in 1578, he ran into ruin and was obviously very thankful for the survival of himself as well as his men. Thus, Canadian Thanksgiving was born, which is super cool and definitely something to be patriotically proud about! (And it gets much more complicated than that, but that’s the root of our holiday anyway.) 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

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    Happy Thanksgiving all my fellow Canadians from beautiful (blustery really) British Columbia!


    Sorry I’m late but a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!!! Hope it was wonderful!

    tdm 🙂


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