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    Hi, Melody!

    Inspired by the griffin discussion going on in the General part of the Forums, I thought I’d ask whether you’ve been feeling any Griffin inspiration lately…

    I know once a long time ago I suggested doing Siamese “without White” Griffins, and I still think that would be cool!  (Especially if they were a little darker than the “with White” Siameses, more like this beautiful cat.  Seal point Siamese do tend to darken with age, so these could be the ‘older, wiser’ cousins of the With-Whites!)

    Most of all, though, I have always wanted somebody – anybody! – to produce a griffin with coloration based on the adult Northern Goshawk!  Red eyes, black mask, slate-grey feathers, striped tail… what’s not to love?!  😀  If you’ve been mulling over new griffin schemes – we haven’t had one in a while! – please consider it!  (I imagine the breast barring would be tricky for a production color, but I’m fine with a less labor intensive interpretation such as turning it into speckling or little vertical streaks.  It’s a griffin, there can definitely be some fantasy to it!)

    Thanks for all you do, Melody; I know we’re a big and noisy bunch and impossible to keep up with!  <3

    Interested in buying or trading for: GB Pebble Sitting Red Fox in grey, Lap Dragon Test Paints (Pearl Steel Blue, Opulence, Pastel Rainbow, others), production Lap Dragons with minor to moderate damage, and Griffins in Black Rainbow or Frosted Jade.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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