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    Hi, I got one of those introductory emails with the 10 % off for joining the site, which is addressed to me using a password I have never used on this site(my user id and pw for this site are totally different) but I did use it once for a doctors patient portal site along time ago. I also registered on this site and received the 10 % off email years ago though I never got a chance to use it. Is this some kind of spam?


    I’ve received an email (not from Windstone!) very similar to that before. The Subject line was something like “Hello (password)…” and the body copy of the email alluded to the sender being able to ‘see’ that I was on a questionable site and if I didn’t want to have my webcam photo uploaded… blah blah blah” you get the drift.

    I wouldn’t trust ANY unsolicited email and especially NOT one that addresses you with an old password/user name. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS OR OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS AND IMMEDIATELY MARK IT AS SPAM OR AS A PHISHING EMAIL! DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

    If you look carefully at the sender’s email address it is probably a good indication that the email is a fake and not one that was sent by Windstone Editions. What probably happened is that either the Doctors’ Patient Portal’s email contacts were hijacked, and possibly Windstone Editions’ contacts possibly. So – that email you received is most likely a Spoof email.

    You may want to send a message to Clay Johnson, who is Windstone’s Web Master and let him know that you may have gotten a Spoof email using Windstone’s messaging. His email is or you can PM him on the forum.

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    Hi Ela_Hara, thanks for replying. I didn’t click on any links in the email, I went to the Windstone editions site manually and since I hadn’t logged in for a while and didn’t remember my pw I logged in with the user id and password I had written on my pw id lists(basically a bunch of user id and pws written on a sheet of paper,lol). I was able to log in fine and I also found the pw they used in the email in the list as the one I used for the Doctors portal, that’s why I found this all so weird. Im going to send the email to Clay. thanks for your help!


    I’ve never gotten an email like that from Windstone but I have seen something at the top of the Windstone website before showing a one time 10% off discount thing for this site if you haven’t used that discount before.

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