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      When I am back to my pc I will post a photo of my Okapi baby uni and my bongo baby uni 🙂 the Okapi is an ebay, n the Bongo is from the last Gb batch… I also really love the Oryx babies, thats one I wanted but was never able to get a hold of.

      Melody, have you thought about doing Bongo/Okapi/Oryx themes in the new batch in bright colors? I’d go absolutely nuts for those 🙂 especially blues or greens!

      I’ll paint some like that when we get more baby unicorns cast! I ran out. There’s only about 60 in this batch, about half what I usually paint.

      Oh, I am definitely getting a baby from that batch then, cause I wanna try to get one of those!! 😀 Though I have a few in this batch that I’ve fallen in love with too…

      I like the idea of your taking a mini break mid-batch 🙂 No burn out for Melody that way! (I hope!) and gives people who missed the first release a chance with the second 🙂

    Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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