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    Link to his ad with photos

    Up for sale is Pipsqueak the Unicorn

    Pip is a mini version (tands 4.25 inches tall and is almost 5 inches long from the tip of his tail to the tip of his outstretched front hoof.) of the trade size Warchant by Kathi Bogucki. Pip was CM and painted By Sara Gifford. The customize work included a horn, lions tail and cloven hooves. He was painted in pastels and has been sprayed in many layers of Testors Dullcote for a long lasting and durable matte finish. His eyes have been glossed. Pip is not as tipsy as a normal Pipsqueak cause of his lion tail but should be placed on a flat surface help him not fall over.

    Pip went to his first model show on May 21 and got 1st in breed for Unicorns so he wont let you down in the show ring. He will be mailed with his paper ribbion.

    All my fantasy work has been LSQ and PSQ (though I don’t like to say they are either since peoples taste are different then mine, so I let horse wins show you there quality) and have either placed, reserve champ or has gotten champion.

    If you have any questions or would like to see more photos please feel free to email.

    Time payments are ok as well, I take paypal or MO 🙂

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