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      Had they been restocked and I missed it, or is this a rolling mistake on what is on the front of store page?
      Any idea when they will be restocked?


        I had been wondering the same thing. He has now disappeared from the front page, so it was evidently an “oops.” I guess I am happy about that since I too would have missed him if he really had been available.


          I think the same is true of the mother dragon in CP. She looks like…not the newest batch that the male, oriental and young oriental were part of. I’m really liking the new color, so I hope she will be painted to match.


            You guys are TOO observant! Yes, the Hatching guy in the Copper Patina was indeed a “rolling mistake” (good description). I’ve no idea what prompted him to head to the front of the line of pictures, but there he went. I sent him back (in a gentle way) to wait until we actually have more of them (and that will be a long wait I think).

            The Mother Dragon in Copper Patina is indeed from the batch of Copper Patina dragons that had less violet on them – we will be having them with more violet, more like the Male Dragons, when the currently available Mother Dragons in Copper Patina are all gone.


              That CP Emperor is on my MUST HAVE LIST I hope there are more.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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