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    Gorgeous!! Want!!!

    Love CP! Especially with the purple. I keep hoping to see its been made a production color.

    JynXx: gorgeous with the blue eyes!

    Thanks, guys!! He’s actually available for sale in Classifieds.
    I also posted him on FB, and on eBay if anyone’s interested πŸ™‚

    β†žβ†žβ‰ͺβˆ™ Forever Seeking β€’β†Ÿβ€’

    β€’ β–Ί By Melody β—„ β€’

    β˜™ "Blue Violet Flame" Old Warrior Dragon
    β˜™ "Test Paint #5" GB 2015 Puma
    β˜™ "Blue Fawn" Ki'Rin Family

    β€’ β–Ί By Patricia Smith β—„ β€’

    β˜™ "November" Female Griffin
    β˜™ "Sky Bronze" Emperor Dragon
    β˜™ "Emerald Bronze" Mother Unicorn

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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