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    This is really a comment on some Miscellaneous stuff.

    These are cute little Griffin chicks, I would get one if I had a Tan Griffin daddy.
    It looks like it came from a cross between a Black Griffin and a Tan Griffin.
    Maybe that Tan momma that came out before the Black momma hooked up with one of those rich old Black bachelor Griffins…hehehe

    Second, I encourage you all to keep looking at those luscious Sun Dragons,
    so I can buy good stuff like Gold Copper Curled mommas.
    The first one went for over $1000. I was so bummed, now I got one for a steal!
    So pretend those don’t exist!

    Last, I am still waiting on the Hawks Castle, but figured I would give a sneak peek of what to expect.
    I finally got my Mystery Castle and I highly recommend getting one while they are available!
    I really like the fact that it looks old and rough.
    Not so fairy tale like the others.
    This is definitely the Old Warrior’s type Castle.

    Ohh, and I think my Credit Card is on FIRE!!!!!! HELP!



    VERY nice



    Lovely picture, Kaya, and congrats again on the copper mama.



    OOOO it does look old and stormy. I never realized how shiny and pretty the other castles are!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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