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      I have an odd one. Went to place a wanted ad in the Classifieds, and it won’t let me- says I’m not authorized to place top level ads. Huh? Haven’t broken any rules I’m aware of, and just was trying to place the ad.


        Sounds like you put it through without a secondary category chosen. Chose for sale/trade/seeking and then chose a subcategory too or it gives that error message.

        Seeking Test Paints & GBs ! Please get in touch if you'd trade/sell. I'll remove pieces from list by owner request
        ANY Red Eyed Unis
        ANY Test Paint Bat
        The Purple/Yellow Baby Uni of Awesome
        Male- Snow Leopard TP
        White Lighting Male, Pony, Colt and Grand - I have Mom, Baby, & Young
        Ponycorns: Golden Zebra and/or Spotted Skunk
        Mother: Okapi
        Gothic - Mahogany
        PEGS: Male Midnight Calico, Male Bloodstone, Mother Starlight Rain
        DRAGONS: Male Coyote


          Thanks- that did it!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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