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        Some of you have probably already experimented with changing candle lamp colors, but I thought I would spread the word for newbies or those who haven’t owned a candle lamp before.

        Besides the colored votive that comes with candle lamps you also change the color of the candle holder to change the eye colors. The trick is to find one that fits (of course) but is also tall enough to have the color reflected in the eyes. I’ve had good success with the Griffin candle lamp in the past.

        Another trick to be tried is using the electric lamp for your style candle lamp and changing the bulb. With a candle lamp with yellow eyes you can get:

        Pink (frost) bulb = red or orange (depending on intensity of the pink)
        Blue (frost) bulb = green
        Green bulb = Blue/green
        White bulb = intense yellow
        White (frost) bulb = tones down the intense yellow

        Has anyone tried experimenting with the green or red eyed candle lamps or have pics of how they like to display them?


        i hope to get a candle lamp soon… thanks for the tips!

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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