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      I am curious of those doing PYOs how many are using a paint brush and how many air brush theirs.
      Not asking what brand just if physically holding a paint brush or using an air brush to paint their PYOs. I am thinking of doing some and wondering what is being done out their already?


        I’m piggybacking on Dragon61’s post but I actually wanted to know what is easier to paint with. Also, could anyone explain what interference paint is, what it looks like, who makes it, and where to find it? I’m working on a sculpture now (a Ooak) and i love the way interference paint looks but have no idea what it really is!
        How detailed can an airbrush be to use vs a paint brush? Thanks in advance to any advice!


          As for me,I am an odity I guess.I paint mainly with the dry ex-pearl powders on top of a good base and spray a like coat of clear every so often to keep the powders in place and to keep me from wiping them back off.I don’t airbrush small detail well and my hands are getting shaky so it is hard for me to use the brush too so I have found the powders to be my perfect medium of the moment.They blend remarkably well and the more layers you do,the deeper the color and when I go back and forth with different colors,it has a beautiful blending effect.I use mostly make-up brushes too,they are marvelous for them.Just like applying makeup.

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            I mainly use air on my PYO’s and do the small detailed work with a brush. For me it seems that everytime I touch a paintbrush to it, I spend just as much time trying to touch up what I just painted lol
            There’s no way I could paint a whole sculpt with a physical brush, it would look awful so I don’t know how some of the ppl here do it, but they do it very well. 🙂


              I use both. I airbrush a base coat on my pyo’s, the basic colors I will be working with, and then the rest is hand painting with a brush.


                I always, and likely forever will, use an old fashioned paintbrush 🙂 I don’t have a good place in which I could airbrush things even if I wanted to (which I do, sometimes ><).

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                  I air brush a primer on mine and hand paint everything else >.< I don't have a good enough airbrush to even attempt any detail work with it lol. It splatters sometimes just doing a primer coat!


                    I use both. I airbrush a base coat on my pyo’s, the basic colors I will be working with, and then the rest is hand painting with a brush.

                    Say Koishii what brand of air brush are you using? I got an Iwata long ago, but I don’t really use it because the gradient is rather grainy. I’m not impressed with it.


                      I have used normal brushes, airbrushes, as well as pastels (kind of like Bodine was saying, just actual artists pastels and not pearl ex. I’ve used pearl ex for details, but not a whole sculpture).

                      But I’m weird in that I don’t stay consistent. I don’t always airbrush. Sometimes I do the entire thing with a hand brush. But to answer the question, if I do airbrush, it’s like Koishii. Base colors then go in with a normal brush. Airbrushes just can’t get detailed unless you have the “fine” tips (least that’s how mine is).


                        I have an Iwata Hi-Line. The gradient does have some grain for this one, but it is pretty fine and depends on the thickness of paint.


                          I do both to. Usually I make a good base and then go over it with hand and work my way through blending-detail blending-detailing-and finally the toush ups before spraying sealant.


                            paintbrush all the way….

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                              Airbrush all the way! 🙂



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                                  Paint brush for me since the beginning. I would’nt mind learning to use an air brush at some point.

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