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    Yeah, I broke my nose today at work. We were trying to restrain this nasty dog when he decided to rear up and smashed me in the face with the top of his head. After sitting on the floor in severe pain and not to mention bleeding all over the place my husband finally showed up to take me to the “urgent care” place down the street. After sitting in the “urgent care” lobby for nearly an hour or so they finally took x-rays….the results…broken nose….ugh. Talk about the worse luck ever. But I could have told them it was broken with out the darn x-rays…the fact that I heard a very nasty cracking sound when it happened and not to mention the swelling and bleeding….lol….anyways that was my day today. 🙄

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    Palette Creations on FB


    Oww, I’m so sorry. No rose smelling for you for a bit. 😉


    Yowie kazowie! That’s terrible! I hope you’re feeling better soon. 🙁


    Ouch! I’ve been hit in the jaw a couple of times by dogs swinging their heads – it’s amazing how hard their skulls are. One time the owner told me he could practically see the little birdies circling my head! But I never got my nose broken. A friend who was a preK teacher did when one of the little monsters *ahem* children smashed his head into hers. Working with kids and animals can be a hazardous occupation!


    Ouch! I saw this on MySpace – I hope it heals quickly.


    Aieu! I hope you recover fast. 🙁

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    Ow! 🙁 What a way to start the week. I hope you heal quickly!


    Owie! Hope you heal up soon.


    Oh that sucks! :/ My friend’s dog accidentally headbutted me the other day, thankfully not hard enough to bruise but my eyesocket felt it for a while there heh heh


    My dog did bruise the right side of my face when she hit me w/ the back of her skull on Monday. I have a cut cheek from my glasses and this really nasty bruise along my cheekbone. I look like I lost a fight 😆 , Lel didn’t even notice or slow down after beating me up. 🙄

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    Ouch! Hope you heal soon–broken noses are a bummer. Broken anything is a bummer! I never broke my nose and hope never to but I had a friend who was horse back riding and when the horse jumped, her face went forward and the horses neck went back and her face collided with the horses neck! Broke her nose big time. She was in awful pain and it got swollen and her husband would call her ‘gorilla’ woman! From what I last heard, he’s still alive 😀


    Oh my goodness, I hope you heal quickly! Please rest if you can.


    Thanks everyone. Luckily I’m not all bruised up or anything, ice packs work wonders and I have had one on my face pretty much all day. It’s still pretty painful though, but the swelling has gone down a heap. And I don’t look like Marsha Brady or anything thank goodness. 😆

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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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