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    I have a Spirithood Black Wolf faux fur coat, size small, for sale. I had contacted them for sizing, they recommended that size for me, but it turns out it’s a wee bit too small. Dumb and stubborn me, I decided I was going to lose juuuust enough weight for it to be fine. Results: 3 years later, I only really wore it a few months…

    Asking about $100 – it’s in pristine condition, warm as heck, and way cool.

    I attached a pic from the website, I can email pics of my actual coat. This is the link with all the sizing info:


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    WOW!!I love it😍
    Hope you sell but sorry you have to.

    May this New Year be the best year of our lives!
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    Just want to say these coats are absolutely amazing and worth every penny!

    If it were bigger I would most def take it off your hands, but I’m a Medium – a Large in their stuff.

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    Wow its too good and best for the fall season, I dont know that it is still available on your store or not, but I saw this on Christmas Coupon codes, in 3 different colors, I ordered it in brown color, after receiving it I will share a pic.


    I love their products! I would add this one to my already furry wardrobe, but I wear a large. C’est dommage 🙁

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    I’m an addict when it comes to their blankets…

    Read my books! Volume 1 and 2 of A Dragon Medley are available now.


    And yes, it’s still available! I wear my new large coat 🙂

    Read my books! Volume 1 and 2 of A Dragon Medley are available now.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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