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    Greetings from Arkansas!
    I’ve been collecting since the mid 80’s, and have a modest collection–currently in storage–as my boyfriend and I and my Siamese cat Aria and her American Bobtail “sister” Lillee are living in a motor home with no place to display them. I’m also really into the PYO’s, but again….(has anyone ever managed to successfully complete ANY kind of art project with a resident Siamese? If so, please share your secret!) No room to work, and my art supplies are also in storage. I’m using my cell phone, so I can only pop in here when I get service and or wifi.
    Just wanted to say hello!


    Howdy!! My husband is from Russellville.My daughter too actually.Welcome.Glad you decided to join us I have cats and dogs around me constantly.A slight thump on an ear and a stern no is all it takes with mine.Good luck😁

    ISO:original white mother Pegasus to complete set.Thanx😊
    Grail wish...MALE HEARTH💘One day...




    Hi and welcome! What do you have currently in your collection and what are your favorite pieces or ones you might like to get in the future? That’s cool that you are in a motor home. Do you travel with it? I have cats too and I just bought some cheap wood and glass curio cabinets secondhand that I saw advertised online that have doors to protect my collection from the cats. They have jumped on top of the cabinets occasionally but they are heavy enough with pieces that they didn’t move. I have mostly smaller pieces so the glass shelves I have are fine but for bigger pieces you can get bookcases or cabinets with wood shelves with doors or can buy doors for them like they have at Ikea.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    I’m in Plainview, about a 20 mile trip from Russellville; I went to Tech way back in the 80’s-in fact that’s where I met my boyfriend (well, OK… He’s now 59 and I’m 58…lol) I’m originally from NJ and have been trying to get back here for over 35 yrs.
    My 1 cat is a Siamese, affectionately known as the Meeze, the other is an American Bobtail named Lillee who answers to the nickname of Meeps because of her quiet little voice. The Meeze is actually trained pretty good for a cat; she knows what I want her to do or not do, and when I tell her to quit on something, she’ll quit but she cusses me out in a chattery teeth sort of voice just to get the last word! 😂


    We don’t travel in the motor home at the moment, although I’m curious to see what the cats would do if their house started to move. 😁
    My collection is mostly peacocks and EmPeas with the pair of black sunset Griffies, and a red fire Old Warrior with the special rainbow sparkle overspray that I won on eBay years ago, and I have a few curlies including one I *think* the color was twilight that was another eBay score, and a ooak curly that was done by Melody called the blue ribbon that I won in a special raffle eons ago. As for my favorite pieces, I’d be hard pressed to pick just one, really. There’s been so many new pieces and colors but right now I’m on hold for a while until my finances are back on track. I’d really like to pick up something in the blue morpho color. But for now everything is stored since there’s no room to display anything. Once Marty and I are settled down, then I’ll put them on display. 😁

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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