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      Alrighty then, In the past week or so we’ve had a few things come up that have put me in a bit of a financial crunch. The lovely thing about collecting artwork is that should that happen, you can always sell a few pretties, while still knowing you had the privelege of enjoying them for a bit first.

      Baku wall hanging by MissMonster. A Baku is a dreameater monster, and in my opinion, this is one of the most awesome sculptures of a baku I’ve ever seen.

      This was a miscasting which has some bubbles and isn’t quite symmetrical, so he was purchased with the warning he’ll need a bit of work before you paint and display him. For anyone considering his purchase, I’d recommend apoxie sculpt. He is a solid piece, and weighs a fair bit.

      From his base to the tip of his curled nose is 9.5 inches long.

      Every edition of this beautifully creepy fellow sold out within minutes. MissMonster (Melita Curphy) does not typically cast more after an edition has sold out, this fellow will be impossible for me to replace.

      $150 + shipping OBO

       photo IMG_0811.jpg
       photo IMG_0812.jpg
       photo IMG_0813.jpg
       photo IMG_0814.jpg
       photo IMG_0815.jpg
       photo IMG_0816.jpg

      I’ll be doing each sale item in the first couple posts, that way an individual post doesn’t scroll on forever and ever.


        Breyerfest Limited Run Model : Galahad

        A dappled liver chestnut Andalusian, there were only 1200 of these made and sold at Breyerfest of 2005. His mane and tail have a faint metallic sheen.

        $100 + shipping OBO

         photo IMG_0818.jpg
         photo IMG_0819.jpg
         photo IMG_0821.jpg


          White on ivory crystalline pottery vase by Jeff Gieringer of Powdermill Pottery. Jeff died last year of lung cancer and used to produce his work up the street from me. This is a beautiful piece, and measures 5.5 inches tall. (don’t worry..I collected a TON of his work, and although I lost a friend when he died, he’d understand me selling a piece or two)

          $40 plus shipping OBO

           photo IMG_0828.jpg
           photo IMG_0825.jpg
           photo IMG_0824.jpg
           photo IMG_0823.jpg


            Just a quick bump for the sales thread since it’s been a while. I also lowered some prices. 🙂


              Hello, 4 years too late is the baku still up?

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