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      One Walmart down and it’s a nope lol… one of the biggest Walmarts around here, and their shelves were stripped. Huh.

      For anyone else searching, I finally found pegs for ‘Neca collect tys asst’ in the electronics section. This area was bare lol.


        Yea, there is a huge resale market for exclusive NECA figures. It’s like treasure hunt Hotwheels or trying to find that ONE crazy Xmas toy every kid wants you can only find on ebay for 10 times the price… except it goes on ALL year round! LOL

        It really stinks for collectors… 80% of the people who end up buying them are scalpers looking to make a profit and the collectors pay the price. Kind of a bummer. It’s partly fun when you actually do find something, it’s like YAAAAS! I FOUND ONE! and you have this amazing sense of victory and fulfillment, but I’d gladly exchange that to be able to just buy it like any other regular toy.

        Eventually they will restock them, but the 1st few waves always seem to be better quality and with COVID who knows how long it will be before they get more shipments out. NECA is pretty notorious for re-releasing figures in “new packaging” so I know eventually I can get them if I’m patient… the 2 pack is just really cool. As a TMNT nerd is like THE THING we’ve all been waiting for LOL!

        Got a busted dragon? There isn't a Windstone I can't fix!
        *OPEN for repairs*

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        Tattoo Mother Kirin
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          if coronavirus weren’t around, I’d go look but WalMarts around here are kinda icky, I wouldn’t go near one right now….

          5 things I'm looking for:
          1. Large Bird-Winged Flip Flap Cat – Lynx Point Siamese
          2. Mother Meerkat
          3. production color Sitting Oriental to be made that’s not VF
          4. Female Griffin – Siamese with White
          5. September Raffle Prize 2022 AHD Male Griffin


            Made it to the ghetto Walmart today and nope there too. They had some things on the shelf at least!

            One was a Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Wonder how long THAT’S sat there lol.


              Sure no problem! I would use it to track down store exclusive Funkos. Its pretty handy. Pretty accurate for the most part, but never hurts to check in person in case their inventory is off. 🙂

              Happy Hunting!

              SiERRa DrAGoN

            Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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