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    Hi everyone!

    Just a reminder to everyone that uses our site, either via the Classifieds or via Private Messages, for the buying/selling (and trading) of Windstones. If you are using Paypal especially:


    You may not request that a buyer uses the “friends/family” payment option in an attempt to avoid fees, when exchanging goods, according to Paypal’s Terms of Service (TOS). It is also a Windstone website rule, designed to help protect buyers.

    Additionally, you may not request that the buyer covers your Paypal fees. This is also against Paypal’s TOS and forum rules. Love it or hate it, when you are using Paypal you are agreeing to their service terms, which are similar to any credit card processing company out there. The merchant (seller) always pays the merchant fees. The best way to do this is to calculate how much in fees you will be charged, and add those to the price of the item (most companies do this with their credit card merchant fees… you don’t realize it but you are paying them in the cost of the product). Charging for them separately is the problem.


    If you have a seller asking you to do either of these things (pay via “friends/family” or pay for Paypal fees) then consider reminding them of our rules and the Paypal TOS. Most of the time people just don’t know the rules. If they insist, even after learning the rules, you may report them to us!
    Remember, when you pay via “Friends/family”, you have ZERO protection if the deal goes bad!! It seems like the kind thing to do with someone you trust, but if Paypal finds out, they can suspend or even ban the person doing it, so it’s not even a kind thing to do for a friend if you are exchanging goods/items. This is an option meant more as a loan/gift/etc.

    If you are a seller, invoices are the best thing!! You can set up an exact itemized invoice for your buyer and send it directly to their Paypal email, and that way it’s very clear and no miscommunication occurs. Invoices are easy to use and manage. As a buyer, you can also request an invoice, for clarity and to protect yourself. Here’s a link on how to make and send invoices via Paypal. https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-create-and-send-an-invoice-faq3144
    You can even set up an area for “tips”… if a buyer is super happy with you, it gives them an option to leave you a tip. While this optional tool might be able to help you offset your fees, please remember it’s NOT okay to ask for a buyer to “add paypal fees to the tip”!!

    If you are a seller and want to find out how to calculate fees, start here: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/what-are-the-fees-for-paypal-accounts-faq690
    You can also google “Paypal fee calculator” and get some help that way, if you need it!

    I'm here to help! Time sensitive issues: See a spammer? Website going haywire? email me! nambroth at gmail.com


    Thank you Ms.Jennifer.

    May this New Year be the best year of our lives!
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    Additionally don’t forget that PayPal also charges a ‘per transaction’ fee on top of the percentage fee… so if you are a seller that is letting a buyer pay through multiple payments, the extra ‘per transaction’ fees will impact your costs as well.

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