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    Thank you everyone!  The response to Melody’s Kickstarter for The Veligent was AMAZING!

    Please continue to read the “Kickstarter Project Update” emails that Melody sends out from the The Veligent Kickstarter campaign page.  These will keep you up-to-date on what’s going on.  Today’s is this:

    “What we are doing now:  Posted by Melody Pena (Creator) For backers only”

    ” Susie, John and I are discussing how to let you add tan Podge colored mini poads™, and/ or other poads or items to your order after this Kickstarter ended. I’ll post updates about this as we work it out.

    I am going over the books one more time, lightening and brightening any art that seems too dingy, checking spelling ONE MORE TIME (gad, I am a terrible speller)  to get the books ready for print and PDF-ing.

    We will be sending out the emailed surveys when we are sure we are asking everything we need to know to fill your orders.

    Lots of work to do!”


    We also have a blog spot on our website for Kickstarter info – its under the Reptangle Tab https://windstoneeditions.com/the-veligent-kickstarter/   Melody will be updating that as she figures out how to do things!



    Everyone have their surveys in? I  am getting ansy😗 Yay😁

    "I wish,I wish,for a Golden HEARTH 💖)


    Just a note to let you know that Melody indicated that the books will take longer to be printed than anticipated – I don’t think we’ll be sending out the rewards in July as we had thought we could.

    If you want to communicate with us further than the questions that the Survey asked, please email me susie@windstoneeditions.com or service@windstoneeditions.com (both reach me) and include your name as you’ve written it in the “ship to” address on the survey so that I can quickly match your message to your pledge.   Thank you!



    How about sending the poads and garlen out now since they’ve been ready for a couple of months and ship the books when they’re printed?

    Life is beautiful.


    If it’s an issue of higher shipping cost, give people the option of getting poads and garlen now, books later, and paying extra for shipping.  Or, wait till whenever and pay one shipping.

    Life is beautiful.


    Plus, less risk of lost or damaged poads sitting around in boxes.  Even though I know everyone is careful.  A huge percentage of the poads have been chosen by the customers so loss or breakages could be devastating.

    Life is beautiful.


    I agree. I think the option to get the sculpts now would be a great idea.

    Im ok with the idea of paying extra shipping for the books a bit later.

    Looking for:


    I didn’t order a book! Just the PDF and Poads, and added extra for shipping……. I could have mine now? 😛

    Looking for...

    Sitting young oriental dragon koi gold and white


    Really looking forward to pictures of the Poads when they arrive. Y’all keep us updated c:



    I agree with all of Scathach comments and suggestions. I would also be willing to pay extra postage to have the sculptures ship now. I’m sure you don’t need all of our boxes sitting around all over the place. 🙂


    I’m willing to wait- but then my only poads are a couple of minis. Sorry for y’all at the factory that the books are taking longer- sure you’ll be happy to see the end of this!


    If it’s an issue of higher shipping cost, give people the option of getting poads and garlen now, books later, and paying extra for shipping. Or, wait till whenever and pay one shipping.

    It shouldn’t even be that much higher within the USA – if the books are shipped separately, they can go media mail. Media mail is taking the slow boat, but it is much cheaper than regular shipping. It could be a more significant cost for people outside the USA.

    My keyboard is broken. I keep pressing "Escape", but I'm still here.


    I would also prefer to pay to have my poads shipped sooner or maybe split my order into a couple different boxes as it might be cheaper for me to have more boxes with less weight shipped to Canada.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    So, how are things going with the Kickstarter?  Any new word on when the books will be finished?  I’m really looking forward to getting everything.  Especially the sketchbook since I haven’t seen all of it yet!  Also, Rue Day seems to be coming along well.  I’m trying to not read it until it is all out, because I enjoy it more that way, but I keep getting enticing glimpses.  Do you think you will be doing another Kickstarter for it next year?


    Please be sure to read your Kickstarter Update emails (and the comments attached to them).  The one we sent out today, July 20th is important (as are all the comments I’ve attached!).

    Please email me with any questions or requests regarding your Kickstarter pledge – I will be the one handling the sending of the rewards when the time comes.  susie@windstoneeditions.com or service@windstoneeditions.com (please not not p.m. or send me messages in comments or on this forum thread – I may never see them – email gets to me!)

    Thank you!

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