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    My Little Fuzzy Story

    The Sun shone brightly that mid-summer morn. Bonzai rushed onto the tree branch to his Unca Cyclops’ side. “Did you hear!? Did you hear Unca Cyclops?! Huh, Huh? Did you hear!?” Unca Cyclops liked Bonzai. He intently gazed at him with his slow manner, which by the way drove a Fuzzy like Bonzai completely nuts with impatience, but after a moment he asked the anxious child, “What?”
    Bonzai exclaimed, “Unca Cyclops, we are getting to go on an adventure! There is a “New One” soon and we ALL get to go meet it! Isn’t that wonderful news!?” Fuzzyz do love adventures.[1]
    Bonzai rose before sun up time with Unca Cyclops, Pinkie, who is Bonzai’s sister, Pernerple and his sisters, Sparkle and the twins. Bonzai and Unca Cyclops laughed watching Pernerple try to gather the girls up. This was not an easy task you see. The twins were aged two. One skitters off in this direction while the other takes off in that one. He wanted to go help his friend gather the twins but decided it was much more fun watching him try by himself.
    Bonzai and Unca Cyclops chatted about this one and that one as Fuzzyz began arriving for the adventure ahead. Pirate Joe, Yellow-Mellow, Cheekie and Chonker came wandering up so Bonzai skittered off to help Pernerple gather his sisters. Fuzzyz like to have fun.[2]

    Granny Blu was the oldest Fuzzy in our forest but could still keep up with the best of us. She had a Blessing to perform very soon. Granny said she had never missed a birth in her lifetime and wasn’t about to start now. She raised her head and with a clear, strong voice she said, “Come, gather all! Gather your kin and what you need for the trip. Let’s be on our way. The “New One” is soon to arrive. A new birth is a magical thing to behold and should not be missed.”
    Bonzai secretly wished it to be a new UNICORN. They were the most magical being in all the land. It was forbidden to wish for any particular “New One”.We all are taught that all beings are born to be what they are meant to be and should never be wished away for another. He looked up at Granny Blu with big questioning eyes but said nothing. Granny noticed, though she didn’t seem to. She knew what those big eyes were asking for. Granny cleared her throat slightly so as to only get his attention and said quietly, “Would you like to hear a very special story my little one?” “Oh yes! Please Granny Blu!” He was bubbling with anticipation. Fuzzyz love stories. She smiled warmly as she began her little tale.[3]

    “It was a warm, clear night with all the sky ablaze with the brilliance of the stars shining above. A voice spoke softly to me in my head saying, “Come, come into the forest. Come to the apple grove by the stream.” Enchanted, I rushed out into the night. The forest is strange in the dark. Creepy crawlies all around. Wolves, bats, any number of critters could come along and snatch me up in a heartbeat but I wasn’t really afraid. I had to find the one whose lovely voice was in my head. The voice was soothing and gentle. It coaxed me on.
    “Come, come little one. Meet my “New One” for you are the Blessings’ Chosen.” I rounded a big apple tree and there, lying in a bed of flowers lay the most beautiful, magical sight you could ever behold. There lay a snow white baby unicorn. The Mother smiled at me and she whispered to me to come closer again. I collected myself and slittered up next to the baby. It opened it’s eyes then for the first time since I had been enthralled by them and looked straight at me. If I had had legs Bonzai, they would have let me down because I melted.
    The “New One” looked at me for a moment in time that seemed to have lasted an eternity before lifting it’s nose to it’s Mother. “Why me?” I thought to myself. At that moment the “New One” turned to me and touched me lightly with his horn. It was at that instant that I knew I was the Chosen One. I was the one chosen by the Blessing. The Mother told me his name was Brea and he was to be the Unicorn Lord of the Forest. That we were to be friends for all eternity. I stayed with them as Brea learned to stand, run, and play. I rode upon his back as his Mother took him to the stream. We said our goodbyes and when I looked back, they were gone.” With that Granny Blu went quiet. I could tell she was back at the stream on that night when she became the Protector of the Blessing.[4]

    As the Sun started to set Granny Blu raised her head up high and said, “We are almost there. Please, be silent.” All fell quiet as we rounded a big apple tree and what beheld our eyes took our breaths away. We saw many critters of the forest all gathered around. There in the middle shone a bright light. Granny Blu looked at me and motioned me forward. I couldn’t believe it when I heard a soft voice in my head asking me to step up into the light.
    “Come forth young one, for you are now the Chosen One.” There, in the stillness of the night, lay the most fabulous sight my eyes had ever beheld. There with it’s Father Brea standing close by, lay a beautiful baby Unicorn. It looked at me and spoke to me in my mind as it said, “I am LaNae’a and you are our Chosen One of the Blessing. You will be my friend for all eternity.”
    If I had had legs, they would have folded.[5]

    I wanted to share this short story I think is just too cute.This was from Quest #12….Fuzzy Adventures…enjoy!

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    Too Cute Bodine! 😀

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