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    I was on eBay and there is a tall Wizard for sale as a Windstone for $159.95, with made in Taiwan on the bottom, no felt. I didn’t think Windstones were made in Taiwan. I think this needs serious investigating…https://www.ebay.com/itm/Windstone-Editions-Pena-1986-Wizard-Figurine-with-Dragon-13/264007783267?hash=item3d78171363:g:R4sAAOSwlKRb0wOt

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    we usually put these posts over in this thread, keeps it all together….I’m not real familiar with wizards since I don’t collect them but looks to me like they slapped a different pad on the bottom, it might’ve come from the older days when they might’ve had no pad and then the pad was slapped on by someone later….

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    No, that one is a fake. A couple of the fake dragons I’ve seen posted have the same pad. Also, it looks like there are lots of bubbles in the casting on the arms. Melody would never let a casting that poor go out of her shop.


    It is all wrong.Cape is not black,dragon is peacock not green,no windstone pad,base is not correct,etc.We know nothing is marked Taiwan.

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    You can see the detail is all wrong, it even looks cheap..

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    The dragon, Its all wrong, the head does not look right.

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    No I might be wrong, Fatalbeauty has a point, bad condition, shitty pictures, could be a pad replacement. it just looks so screwed up. but I don’t think a fake would even look that close to the real thing. I have seen a lot of fake from China, but they always have a flaw. I asked the owner to double check. Why would anyone put a made in Taiwan on a Windstone, is there no respect… WTF..

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    Hey I have a couple of them! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day when I was a little kid my mother ran a ceramics factory and she got a bunch of (what was called hydracal) statues from a supplier that went out of business. This is like… back in the late 80’s I think. There were the clich’e roaring lions and panthers, giant lifesize bulldogs and dalmations, and 2 or 3 of these wizards. I know I still have at least one somewhere in my attic that I saved. Once I knew they were Windstone rip offs I remember I squirreled them away for whatever reason. They’re raw, unpainted, and look bloated when you compare them to the real thing. I have a Young Dragon like that too somewhere. The area where it is supposed to say PENA is all deformed to where you can’t even tell what was there.

    Chances are the put putty over the original sig, made their own cast rubber mold and reproduced them. I’m pretty sure I know exactly where it is if anyone is curious I can take some pictures on Monday of it. I bet its the same exact thing.

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    That would be so cool to see!

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