Rue Day Cover

Cover for “Rue day” , the next story in the “reptangle” series. I haven’t decided how this story will proceed to include the necessary backstory, but I have dithered long enough. I will now just   start writing it and see where it goes. I figure if I  get up enough momentum,  maybe it will write itself like it always has.


  1. Bodine

    Patiently awaiting another gem from the creative mind and hands of the Creator of Beauty and Whims.

  2. Adaneth

    I obviously don’t go exploring around the Windstone site often enough. Excited! 🙂

  3. Suzanne-Marie

    I hope so much Lady Podgerwell will make some cameo apperances in Rue Day!!! Any hints Melody if she will??

  4. Scathach

    Is there more to the story or a link to the Deviant Art page? Thanks.

  5. Melody

    Oh sorry! I didn’t know how to find these comments !
    Taking me forever to learn how this new website works. I have been posting the new pages in my Deviant art gallery because I was having trouble getting them to post here.

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