Oriental Sun Dragon – Asagi Koi Test Paint #1


This is our Oriental Sun Dragon, test-painted by Melody Pena in a color scheme inspired by asagi koi (a type of fish).

This dragon is airbrushed in white with red and metallic gold markings airbrushed onto his face and bright red markings airbrushed down his sides and legs. The scales across his upper-sides and back are individually airbrushed in the centers with dark blue-black, fading into blue-grey, and then into pale blue. Each of these scales has also been hand-painted along the edges with white. He has light metallic blue glass eyes and 24k gold-plated pewter horns, and he chomps on a clear dichroic glass marble that shines with pink, blue, and yellow rainbow colors when held at certain angles in the light. His finish is glossy.

This dragon has a greyish smudge on his non-display side (see last pic). He also has a few very small black specks an smudges on his belly.

Melody has signed this dragon on his grey felt pad and marked him with the name “Asagi Koi test paint #1”. This dragon also comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and a small sketch by Melody.

Weight: 8 lbs | Dimensions: 7.75” H x 4.25” W x 10.75” L
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This is a one-of-a-kind special item and will not be restocked.