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Lying Bear Cub – 2012 Grizzly Edition


This is the Lying Bear Cub in grizzly color, made and painted in 2012.

We discontinued the grizzly family (they were painted in a monotone medium brown color) in 1988, but because we found about 40 unpainted original castings of the Mother grizzly left over, I painted them in a golden tan with dark points as a limited edition that we auctioned on ebay.

Unfortunately, there were only five lying cubs from the original batch left over. I decided that all those mommas needed to have cubs to go with them, so this is one of the three pieces of the “old line ” we have revived with new molds, made from the original “masters”. He is painted in the same golden tan/brown color as the recently auctioned momma bears, and has a light brown glass eyes. He can be told from the very rare original lying bears by the grey felt pad on the bottom, his color and his white bib.

Please be aware that these bears have very thick coats of fur and a few hairs of their white undercoat sometimes show between the darker hairs – this is how they are and is not a defect (This translates to this: it is sometimes impossible, though we tried really hard, to get the brown paint all the way down between the sculpted hairs of their coats, sometimes resulting in very tiny white showing in the deep crevices, we do not consider this a defect).

These are unsigned Limited Production, only available direct from us.

Weight: 1.75 lbs | Dimensions: 3.75” H x 3.25” W x 3.5” L

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