Paint-Your-Own Oriental Dragon


Our Paint-Your-Own Oriental Dragon!

At last! Gad, this guy took forever!  He has lots of little details for you to paint, and has a place in his up-raised paw for a jewel or he can hold a bangle of some kind.  His mouth can hold a 14 millimeter marble (not included), but he looks fine without one.  He comes with silver colored pewter horns that you can leave as is or paint.  You glue his size 10 millimeter eyes and his horns in when you’ve finished painting him.  There is room for glued-in horns in his shipping box so you can ship or store the finished dragon safely.  He measures 9″ long and about 6 1/2″ tall.

Released on September 13, 2016

The Oriental Dragon is available with a variety of eye colors (select below). Eyes and horns are not attached; you glue them in after painting. (Note: the eye color chart has not been updated with all of the colors – contact us if you are uncertain about your eye color choice).  Please allow extra time for us to fill PYO orders.

Eye Color Chart


Weight: 3.8 lbs | Dimensions: 6.25” H x 3.25” W x 9” L

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