Poad™ – Grab Bag Edition


Grab Bag Poad(tm) edition! This is the first ever batch of grab bag adult Poads(tm) that I have painted.
I airbrushed and hand painted this clutter in a wide variety of fantasy colors and themes: wings, leaves, skelebrations, thickets, crows, scales, zeppard markings and lots of other weird stuff. Many have have bugs, birds, squirrels, coelacanths or scatterbats painted on them. Each 4 1/2″ long Poad(tm) is a unique work of art.

You will not know which Poad(tm) you have purchased until you open the box! This edition is signed. Each poad will come with a poad card.

Weight: 3 lbs | Dimensions: 5” L x 3” W x 3.75” H
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