Pebble Arctic Fox – Grab Bag Edition


Grab Bag Pebble Arctic Foxes! “No Nitpicking Edition”

These little guys have been individually airbrushed in colors of real Arctic foxes, except for the few that aren’t. I had trouble telling what species my reference photos were, so some red fox colors may of gotten included. Did you know they hybridize? This adds to the confusion. Arctic foxes don’t come in as wide a variety of colors as red foxes, so it is possible that if you buy two, you may get twins!
(perfect for trading though!)

These foxes are tiny, about the size of a walnut. I (Melody Pena) have signed and dated their suede-like bottom pads.

There may be some minor glitches in the paint, and possibly tiny tiny “pin holes” in the plaster. That is why this is a “no nitpicking edition”. They may be shipped to you in their sturdy box with no outer box.

This is a Signed “No Nitpicking” Grab Bag Edition released September 25, 2014. These grab bag pieces are all packed in identical white boxes and then mixed up before shipping. Nobody knows which one you have until you open the box!

Weight: 0.5 lbs | Dimensions: 2” L x 1.5” W x 1.75” H
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