Horse – Grab Bag


Grab Bag Horses!

This is a grab bag edition of the “Pebble Horse”, painted in almost every realistic horse color I could find a photo of. (Not  solid black though, because we’ll probably do a separate edition of those eventually)  These horses have either a satin or slightly glossy finish, and have airbrushed or hand painted eyes, (not glass). They are signed by me, Melody Peña and are marked with “GB 2016” on their felt pads.   Like all of our pebble creatures, this is a “no nitpicking” edition.  They are about 5 3/4 inches long.

It is hard to avoid having any twins in a batch this big, but there are only one or two sets this time!

These are all packed into identical brown boxes keeping the color you receive a secret until you open the box! Our picture shows a small selection of the possibilities.

Signed grab bag edition released July 1, 2016


Weight: 2.2 lbs | Dimensions: 5.75” L x 3.0” W x 3.5” H
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