Baby Unicorn – Grab Bag Edition (Horse 2018)


This is a  grab bag batch of  baby unicorns painted in natural horse colors These include pinto, Appaloosa, dapples, roans and dappled palominos.  These guys have a variety of jewel and eye colors, and either gold or silver colored horn and chain.

I have signed them on their felt pads and they are marked with GB 2018

3 3/4″ long.

These are painted and signed by me, Melody Pena, and  are marked “GB 2018” on their felt pads. “GB” stands for Grab bag.  The photo shows several of them to give you an idea of the possibilities (be sure to look at the 2nd photo showing their backs!).  Please look at the “class photos” in Melody’s blog to see more of them.  These are all packed into identical little boxes keeping the color you receive a secret until you open the box!

We have lifted the one per customer limit (11/27/18).  You may also purchase one of the other two styles we are offering at this time.

This batch released November 21, 2018

Weight: 1 lbs | Dimensions: 4” L x 2.25” W x 3.25” H
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