The Castle of the Merry Ghost


“The Castle of the Merry Ghost” by Gary Kinsella.

Having too much fun to stop, the fun loving Baron that once inhabited this magnificent castle parties on, haunting the halls with raucous laughter and loud music. Although now abandoned because of the racket, this stately castle magically stays clean and bright, roofs are always freshly painted a bright cheerful blue, the many 24k gold plated spires are perfectly polished, the grand avenue leading to the front door is always swept and the luxuriant lawn is always spring green. Everything is always ready for tonight’s party!

These are individually hand-painted and markings may vary very slightly. You may find that different lighting displays the colors differently as well. For indoor display only.

Weight: 4.75 lbs | Dimensions: 6” L x 6.25” W x 7.25” H

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