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Curled Dragon - Emerald Color Shift

Curled Dragon - Emerald Color Shift

The visible top side of this Curled Dragon is painted with fancy "color shift" paint that magically changes color from magenta to teal depending on the direction of the light. He is also decorated with dark green and purple normal acrylic paint which will alternately blend in and contrast with the shifting paint color. His watchful eye is metallic teal. He has an amethyst jewel in his forehead and guards a dichroic crystal globe.

The undersides of these dragons are painted with either jade green, or a slightly blueish shade of jade green. They are not all exactly alike. These are Limited Production, unsigned.

(The price is higher than our ususal $60.00 for Curled Dragons because of the expensive fancy paint)

Weight: 1.4 lb.
Dimensions: 2.5in. L x 3in. W x 2in. H
Price: $68.00
SKU: 516-ECS
Limited Production (unsigned)


Just a few were restocked

Just a few were restocked today 11/23/12 - my apologies to those who receive "back in stock" messages and find them already sold out.

Susie, Windstone Customer Service

I handle most of the sales through our on-line store. If you need to contact me please email me at or (please do not pm me). Thank you!


I received mine today and I am thrilled! This is my first curled dragon and I didn't expect it to be so little (yes, I glanced at the dimensions but paid little attention to them) anyway, I LOVE the size - it is ADORABLE.

I took pictures but they are such a waste because there is absolutely no way to capture the color shifting paint. It is outstanding.

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Curled Dragon Emerald Colour Shift

Mine arrived yesterday and the paint colous are fabulous. No camera can truly capture it.

Photo: Dragon Reflection c Anne Stokes

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Emerald color shift dragon

Awesome coloration! Truly unique. Hope you do more dragons in this color way! A must have!


My Emerald Color Shift Curled Dragon arrived today. It's really beautiful and unique! The pictures simply don't do it justice.

Your absolutely right! There

Your absolutely right! There is NO way a camera can capture the beauty of the shifting greens and purples that this new paint gives this dragon! OMG! MAKE THIS PRODUCTION!!!! Laughing out loud