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tiny kirin

I found this photo of a tiny tiny kirin I made. We never produced him .He was intended for a pewter line we never made.
This kirin is about 1/2 inch tall, about as big as my finger tip. He’s really dinky! I couldn’t get the camera to focus on his face perfectly, so his face is photoshopped a bit -Oh, and I photoshopped in the eye.
This is probably an epoxy casting of the original.
There are two siblings and a finished pair of adult kirins also…somewhere…

8 thoughts on “tiny kirin

  1. So cute! Do you still have him?

  2. Yes I do … not sure where he is at the moment though!

  3. He’s super cute! I love the pose, he would have looked nice in pewter. 🙂

  4. He’s just wonderful! I love the amount of detail you have on him.

  5. That is cute! I am exciting for the young kirins you are making too! How long will it be til they come out?

  6. Adorable! Would love to see a tiny Unicorn or peg!?

  7. I am not sure we will be able to make them.
    We are having lots of trouble pouring them. I expected this problem, but wanted to give it a try anyway.
    It is very difficult to cast anything in gypsum that doesn’t have a large flat bottom.

  8. Eeeeeeeeeeee! It’s such a little lamb of a kirin! I will hug it, and pet it, and love it….

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