The Veligent Kickstarter

“The Veligent” book is now at the printers! I am waiting to see the hard copy proof the printer is sending. When that proof is approved then the PRINTING begins. The actual printing happens really fast , but then … gotta wait for the  container shipping to get here!

We received the sketchbooks already, they look good!

Susie is busy shipping out Poads, everyday!

I’m still plugging away at the next comic ” Rueday”

You can read  new pages of this story here:

I’ve been drawing lots of koi lately.

We are still editiing the books  ( look at that typo! See, this is the problem… I am a bubbling font of typos )   I am  really paranoid that SOMETHING will be WRONG in 1000 printed books!  and we’ll have to live with it forever!!

Welcome to “The Veligent Kickstarter updates” page!  WE DID IT!  The campaign has ended successfully! Thanks to about 400 WONDERFUL backers, we blew way past our goal the first day!

 Here is the add-on menu from my kickstarter page,  if you need to refresh your memory for filling out the surveys.

I’ll be posting news about how the fulfillment part of this campaign is progressing as we figure it out ourselves!  We will have the book available to order in our regular Windstone store, for folks that missed the Kickstarter!  Still working on this page, check back!


This is exciting!

  • Kickstarter launches tomorrow!

    March 29, 2018

    For those of you that are unfamiliar with how Kickstarter works  I’ll give you a rundown of how to contribute to a campaign.

    Kickstarter is for fundraising a set amount of money to help get a new project completed. There are reward levels from which you can choose which items you would like as a reward for your contribution. You are pre-buying things that may not exist yet and making it happen!

    Go to You can create a Kickstarter account, or you can contribute as a guest without signing up.  Click “back this project”  and “continue” from there you will be taken to a page where you can continue as a guest, or login if you already have a Kickstarter account.  Be sure you email address is correct. At the end of a successful campaign, your reward survey will be sent to you at that email address for you to fill out. This will ask you to confirm what items you’ve pledged for. (I always forget what I pledged for, it might be a good idea to write it down)

    You will not be charged for your contribution until the end of a campaign, and then only if it reaches the goal amount.

    The books I am raising money for will need to be printed after the campaign is over, so there will be a long time between the end of the campaign and the rewards being sent to you. It could be as long as three months. This is how kickstarter works!  ( and I’ve waited much longer for some items I’ve backed!)

    I will be on the Kickstarter page tomorrow to answer questions and explain things, and things will happen during the campaign. See you tomorrow!

  • Last minute editing of the Kickstarter page

    March 27, 2018

    Getting down to the wire, I am doing some last minute editing of the Kickstarter page, I hope this all works!

    If there is a lot of demand for different assortments of stuff, I can add more things during the campaign.

  • Kickstarter!

    March 26, 2018

    Ok I am planning to launch THE KICKSTARTER to raise funds to print  “The Veligent ” Graphic novel on Thursday March 29!

    I’ll talk about how Kickstarter works, as much as I know anyway ! I am still a newbie, though I’ve spent nearly a year working on this project!

    There are going to be tons of sculpture rewards, in addition to the books, as well as other rewards that I can add during the campaign… it will be a month long ongoing event! 

    We're all excited about the kickstarter!

  • The Book!

    March 23, 2018

    THE BOOK!!   Ha Ha! I was just trying to post to our new Kickstarter blog page, but it posted here instead.   Nice book mock-up though, isn’t it? Made with Photoshop.

    I hope to launch Thursday March 29th!

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