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Fennec Fox – Grab Bag Edition


Grab Bag Pebble Fennecs! “No Nitpicking Edition”

This small Grab bag batch of fennecs is made up of the misfits, and test paints that didn’t fit in the other color categories of foxes. Many of these are very close in color to the sand fox or tan fennec, but will have different facial markings or black tails, or what not. This catch-all batch IS signed by me, Melody Pena, since I messed them up.

There will be some tiny specks and glitches in the paint, and the bottoms are not perfect. That is why this is a “no nitpicking edition”. The finishes vary too! Some are smoother and glossier than others. Some have a sandy-er satin finish. These are the remainder of the stragglers from the first batch of castings we did of these. These guys don’t have felt pads or hang tags, John stamped our logo on the bottom with our cool new pad stamp machine. They may be shipped to you in their sturdy box with no outer box. These are Signed by Melody Pena.

This is a Signed “No Nitpicking” Grab Bag Edition (this item may have imperfections in color or texture) released July 25, 2014.

Weight: 0.7 lbs | Dimensions: 2” H x 1.5” W x 2” L

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