Young Poad™ – Grab Bag Edition – Autumn Leaf


Young Poad(tm) “Autumn Leaf” grab bag edition of October 2016. Please Note:  Limited to one per customer – as in person & paypal address – please!  We will take the limit off if there are enough to go around.

This  batch of Young poads was individually hand painted with intricate Autumn leaf designs.  The leaves have been airbrushed with realistic looking colors (not metallic paint) and each one has some creature, or creatures hiding in the leaves.  They have a variety of eye colors and are signed by Melody.  These won’t come with a poad card this time.  This is a “grab bag”:  The color of the Young Poad(TM) you receive is a secret until you open the box!  (An order is for one Young Poad, the picture shows a selection of the colors that you might receive)   They are about 3″ long

This grab bag edition was painted by and is signed on their felt pads  by Melody Peña, and marked with GB (for grab bag) 10- 2016

This batch introduced on October 24, 2016


Weight: 1 lbs | Dimensions: 2.75” H x 2.25” W x 3” L
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