Female Hearth Dragon – Calypso


This is the Female Hearth Dragon in “Calypso”.

Our “Calypso” test paint figurines we sold on ebay became so popular that we decided to do a whole batch of Female Hearth Dragons in this color!  This big boned dragon is airbrushed in teal and cyan/purple colorshift on its body with gradients of red, gold, and green on its spine, neck, wings, shoulders, and haunches. Gold detailing highlights selected scales and wing edges and a dusting of rainbow sparkle all over gives its scales a subtle glitter. She has red-orange glass eyes, black rainbow sparkle on her horns and claws, gold colored details, a glossy finish on her textured scales and holds a dicrhoic crystal globe in her cupped front paw.  She is an unsigned limited production piece.

This is a big dragon!  She weighs nearly 14 1/2 lbs (That’s her weight without a box!  Her packed shipping weight is 18 pounds)  Plan to have a sturdy shelf to support her.   She is about 12 1/2″ long and 8 3/4″ tall

Introduced in this color June 2, 2021

These are individually hand-painted and markings may vary very slightly.  You may find that different lighting displays the colors differently as well.  This is a cast gypsum reproduction of an original sculpture by Melody Peña produced by Windstone Editions.  For indoor display only.


Weight: 18 lbs | Dimensions: 8.75” H x 9.0” W x 12.5” L

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