Lady Cat – Grab Bag Edition


Grab Bag Pebble Lady Cats! “No Nitpicking Edition”

This is the Pebble “Lady Cat” airbrushed in an assortment of real cat colors including: calico, tortoise shell, various Siamese colors, tuxedo, tabby, Somali, Abyssinian, grey and one Tonkinese. There are some duplicate colors in this batch, and some sets of identical twins.

There may be some minor glitches in the paint, and possibly tiny tiny “pin holes” in the plaster. That is why this is a “no nitpicking edition”. The bottoms actually aren’t too messy. The finishes vary from satin finish to glossy. These are the remainder of the stragglers from the first batch of castings we did of these cats. They have nice smooth bottoms without a pad (or hangtag). John stamped our logo on the bottom with our cool new pad stamp machine. They may be shipped to you in their sturdy box with no outer box. These are painted by and signed by Melody Pena.

This is a Signed “No Nitpicking” Grab Bag Edition released August 22, 2014. These grab bag pieces are all packed in identical white boxes and then mixed up before shipping. Nobody knows which cat you have until you open the box!

Weight: 0.7 lbs | Dimensions: 2” H x 2” W x 3” L
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