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September 2016 raffle prize

Here is  “slinky” The raffle prize for September 2016.

He is a male dragon painted in color shift  red/blue and cyan/ purple.

In a photo this guy looks like your average purple or blue dragon, but  as the light direction changes  around him, his color changes  from blue/ green with purple shades,   to purple and magenta . It’s not possible to reproduce the full glory of this paint in photos; in sunlight he is dazzling!

If you would like a chance to win “Slinky”, and you haven’t won a previous monthly Windstone raffle , send me an  email with your  Windstone forum name , and  real name and address,

with  “September 2016 raffle”  in the subject line.

My email is

Deadline for entry is 5:30 pm PST on the last day of the month… which is,  uh,  Sept. 30?

I’ll announce the winner in the “Announcements”thread on this forum!september-2016-raffle-prize-color-shift-male-dragon



3 thoughts on “September 2016 raffle prize

  1. Woah! Hes so pretty!! Good luck to all who enter 😀

  2. WOW!!!! What a gorgeous dragon!!!
    Such beautiful colors makes him just stunning !!!
    Best wishes on everyone who enters!!!
    Whomever wins him will be So Fortunate!!!!
    Good Luck Everyone !!!
    Most Sincerely,


  3. WOW! He is so gorgeous! I’m so tempted to enter, but I was supposed to be finding a mate for Dusty… not a brother…. BUT HE SO PRETTY AHHH!

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