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the prize for the March 2015 raffle, now ended

March’s raffle prize was a Purple Morpho Scratching dragon. He looks similar to a “Blue Morpho”, but is shaded with purple in addition to blue. He has gold trim, metallic teal eyes and an amethyst jewel in his forehead.
Keep an eye on this blog space for the April raffle prize!

9 thoughts on “the prize for the March 2015 raffle, now ended

  1. Entered!!! Love the color scheme and the fact that it’s a scratching dragon.

  2. I love the colors! Lovely paint. 🙂

  3. This one is truly something special… Thank you very much for doing these every month, I love the opportunity to obtain one of your works, as I cannot afford them. Again, thank you very much!

  4. Gorgeous!! Glad I didn’t forget to enter this month…;)

  5. He’s gorgeous . Entered and Good Luck to whoever wins him!

  6. Radical!

  7. this is so generous of you to give away your lovely sculptures!

  8. Ahhhh all my favorite colors in one dragon I MUST ENTER!

  9. Hope I’m not too late to enter! Just sent my email a little while ago. Also my first time on the site! (however: not my first experience with Windstone Editions! Been a fan since I was 8 🙂 ) So happy I found this place regardless!

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