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Prize for October 2016 raffle

This is “Salem”,a spooky, black winged cat. He will  be the prize for the 2016 October raffle!


He is jet black, with midnight blue and fiery orange on his wings. His eyes and jewels are pumpkin color.

If you are a Windstone Forum member and  would like a chance to win Salem, send me an email with your real name and address, and your forum name, with the words  “October 2016 raffle”  in the subject line.

My email is reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com

I will choose a winner on Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Prize for October 2016 raffle

  1. Omg, he’s beautiful!! <3

  2. Very Pretty! The Purrfect October Halloween Raffle! 😀

    Good Luck to everyone how enters!

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