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Oregon weather

CRIPES!! It is snowing again!!
Us ex-Californians can hardly deal with drizzle, let alone THIS stuff!!
We just love the weather here, don’t get me wrong , but wow, it is cold! Our California-raised llamas and sheep won’t come out of the barn. They aren’t stupid.

At Windstone things are going well for a change! The two new casters, Wendy and Chris, are being trained by Hellen ( “Arlla” is Hellen’s user name on our Windstone forum, and despite some gypsum problems, (We were accidentally sent a few tons of the wrong kind) the new crew is successfully casting pieces!

This is not an easy thing! Casting sound, bubble-free pieces is tricky. It takes experience and practice to learn each sculpture’s casting idiosyncrasies. They have begun casting : Leaf cat sconces, a few dragons and griffins, Circles of Cats and Wolf councils. We were worried that our molds wouldn’t be usable, but aside from a few little tears here and there they seem to be working well enough!
Now to get the drying tunnel set up. It won’t be long before the first carts of Oregon produced Windstones are rolling into the painting department!

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