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Mold making update

Things are happening in the mold department!
We have unearthed the “Keeper Dragon” master. This sculpture is the larger of the two Paint-your-own dragons I made.
If you would like to see him out of his case, here is a link to a picture of a test painted Keeper in my Elfwood gallery:

We were only able to cast about fifty of these pieces before the molds ripped and we had to stop casting them. Our move from California to Oregon began, and that brought the casting and mold department to a halt.
At a dead halt is were things stayed until NOW!
Jane, our new mold maker, is hard at work on the Keeper. The master we were using, pictured here partially in his case, is made out of hard gypsum. A gypsum master can’t be used for making production molds however, because repeated mold-pouring against it will eventually degrade the gypsum. The “production masters” that we use to create production molds are cast in tough epoxy resin so that they can take the wear of having molds cast on them continually. Jane is making a new master mold on this master to pour the epoxy master from .
The good news is that we have made at least two more molds from this gypsum master, so we are casting a few production keepers a day right now!
As soon as Jane can get an epoxy master made of this Keeper, we can start pouring LOTS of molds, then we can start pouring lots of keepers!
Who wants one?

9 thoughts on “Mold making update

  1. I think i could cry! oh yay! dragon progress!
    I am biting at the bit to get my hands on a few!

  2. at the end of the rainbow! omgosh! do want! *grabby hands*

  3. YEEHAW!!! =D I’m so excited to see Keeper PYO’s again!

  4. I’m definately going to have to get one this time around

  5. Oh, great! I want one, I want one, IIIIII waaaaant ooooone!

  6. I want one for sure, actually probably more than one, I can’t wait to start painting one..

  7. I do!

    I know I’ll probably get shot for suggesting this, but I think when the PYO Keepers come out they should be limited to one or two per order. A lot of people missed them the first time they came out and everyone has been itching for them (and the other PYOs) for a while now that I can see them literally “flying off the shelves”. If they are limited then there is more chances of people getting them until they are up to steady production.

  8. Would one person really be so greedy as to snap up a dozen of them all at once? I do agree that if supply is limited, then per-customer quantity limitations would be a good thing.

  9. *raises her hand* I’ve never painted one.

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