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Hello all! I figured it's time I make a list of all of the pieces that I'm hunting for and hope to add to my collection someday. I'd be happy to trade anything I have listed for sale/trade for these pieces, and can also offer PYO painting services in trade. Purchase is an option too, of course. If anybody has these pieces available, let me know!

Rock Dragon, Little Rock Dragon

Grab Bags:
Unicorns painted as African Wild Dogs, mantis shrimp tanukis, and everything in the attached photos!

Ebay, Raffle, OOAK pieces:
Jennifer Miller's pieces
"Blackwatch" Old Warrior Dragon
Oil Spot Old Warrior Dragon
Little Rock Dragons

*I'm sure at least a few of the pieces I've listed/depicted are in their forever homes. If selling or trading isn't something you'd consider, just let me know and I'll remove your piece(s) from the list, no problem!
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Posted: 08/23/2019 Expires: 09/22/2019