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I have these dragons for sale. No auction, just straight sale.

The following are AVAILABLE
Fledgling - Black gold $95
Young Dragon - Gold $110
Baby dragon - Emerald peacock $95
Version 2 Hatcher - Brown $60

The following are SOLD
Coiled - Emerald
Lavender pearl
Violet flame
Coiled mom
Lavender pearl
Fledgling - Silver (old silver, not marked as intense or silvery)
Fledgling - Amethyst
Young dragon - Prismatic spring
Mini keeper - Black gold
V2 Hatcher - Rainbow
Spectral - Gold (old gold, from California)

Prices in US funds

Shipping from Canada is extra and not included in the price. They will be double boxed, tracked, and fully insured.

I’m not sure if I’ve got a gold spectral box. If not, he’ll be shipped in another spectral box, which I’ll want returned. Alternatively, you can ship a spectral box to me.

I do not have original boxes for the smaller sculpts.

Please message me if interested. I’m listing in fan club group and on the forum classifieds, as well. But, please only contact me through one source.

Thanks for your interest

Email Scathach or send a private message by clicking the Private Message button above.
Posted: 11/21/2021 Expires: 12/21/2021