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I'm too lazy to deal with actual writing so I'm copy-pasting some of what I posted in the showoff thread:
Her eyes are NOT pink; the light in the room is yellow and made the wrapping paper + her eyes have a peachy tint to them (and softened her body coloring too). Her eyes are very light metallic silver/blue/periwinkle that matches the color of her berries/spots. Her body is a grassy-emerald green that phases to deep sky blue then to a royal blue on her bum/lower belly. The pics with the flash are most like her given colors though the flash washes out the royal blue and makes it look more of a cobalt hue.
She's painted with flowers and some berries and has great detailing! I'm looking to trade for a favorite loaf dragon or possible a baby rising oriental dragon depending on what's what. The top row, especially the one with the mark, are of highest interest to me though I'm willing to look at ones in the bottom row as well. I'm not specifically looking for colorshift ones at this time other than the two in my pic; I'll take a look at whatever but it really has to wow me (a lot of the colorshift ones in the class photo didn't).

Smoke-free home rampant with a cat infestation. She'll be double-boxed for shipping.

Thanks for looking!
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Posted: 02/04/2019 Expires: 03/06/2019