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I'm splitting my wanted list into two parts. This is my list of my most wanted "special" pieces, given the opportunity to purchase them. This includes Ebay test paints and raffle prizes. Asterisks mark pieces of highest interest. In no particular order:

Ebay/Test Paints
My ideal but elusive one-day must-haves.
Earthen Fey young dragon****
Storm Shadow male griffin**
Storm Shadow male dragon
Ocean Python Emperor Dragon test paint**
Striped Peacock little rock dragon (or something similar to this guy)*****
Violet Hawk male griffin*****
Harpy Eagle male griffin
Amethyst Shadow male griffin
Amethyst Shadow emperor dragon
Amethyst Shadow young oriental
Silver Tiger Oriental Dragon
Maltese tiger male/female griffins
Scrumptious minikeeper
Moon Walker unicorns
Wild Troll dragons ***

I'm really interested in griffin test paints themed after various big felines (especially ones that are bi-species wild cat + bird crosses).

Secondary Ebay/Test Paints
These test paints also interest me but aren't as high on my list.
Black Ice male dragon
Borealis male dragon
Russet Shadow young dragon
Russet Shadow spectral dragon
Toasted Periwinkle Kirins
Jaguar Oriental Dragon

Raffle Prizes
I would also sell a kidney for some of the raffle prizes. Realistically I'd imagine most people won't be willing to part with them, so if s/he ever considers rehoming these babies, please consider me!
"Augustus" January 2009 gray leopard griffin**
"Wampus" Aug. 2010 wampus cat emperor dragon*****
"Crocus" March 2009 amethyst female griffin
"Crazy Luna" Nov. 2011 layered rainbow sparkle and purple iridescent paint oriental moon dragon
"Toasty" Nov. 2009 metallic with lavendar accents mother dragon****
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Posted: 03/24/2020 Expires: 04/23/2020