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I've split my wanted list into two parts; this one contains LP and GB pieces. Even if these are in permanent homes, I wanted to express my interest in them in case owners need to part with them in the future. This ad also showcases colors/schemes/patterns that catch my eye, for things I remain unaware of and future gbs. Editted photos of likeable GBs are at the bottom of the ad. Thanks!

Grab Bag Hatching Pegasi
I'm definitively seeking the purple-shelled leopard appaloosa and similar white/grey naturals to match a baby pegasus I have. I only need one, and any help would be super appreciated!

Grab Bag Baby Kirin
Yellow boxes denote favorites. I'm especially seeking the black/blue/gold zebra sitting baby.

Grab Bag Mini Keepers
A mish-mosh picture of my favorites from the class photos. Top row has my most favorite pieces, middle row are other likeable ones, and the bottom row are others that caught my eye.

Grab Bag Baby and Young Unicorns
My favorites from the baby and young unicorn batches. Again, yellow boxes mark particular favorites.

Poad Families
I'm open-minded when it comes to poads. There's a lot that I like so, depending on what the pieces look like, there are various safari schemes and fantasy colors I'm keen on acquiring given the opportunity. Pictured are my top 3 selections from the silhouette batch.

other poads (babies, young, adult):
--snow leopard, clouded leopard, okapi, maltese tiger
--something similar to a sugar plum poad but that phases from purple-blue-silver (rather than purple-pink-gold)
--would love one that has a violet/indigo color base

Regular and Limited Production interests
This section is more of a "this is/was in the store and I one day want to own it." If you have an item this part of this ad listed for sale/trade and I haven't messaged you, it's likely due to the fact that I can't afford it right now.
--hyena gargoyle!
--spooky grimalkin
--red panda flap cat
--blue morpho female griffin
--silver old warrior
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Posted: 03/24/2020 Expires: 04/23/2020