$ 35.00
Hello, My name is Pixie-dust and I have been helping my friend Margaret sell her Windstone collection for the past several years. For those of you who have been members for a long time, you may remember her as drgnlvr. Several years ago, Margaret had a stroke which was the beginning of her downward spiral. She had been a self employed therapist, who helped people cope with sexual abuse, marriage counseling, drug addiction, etc. but because of the stroke, she has and never will be able to return to the work she loved to do. She has many other health issues now, she is in her mid 70's and her memory is failing her. She hasn't had a working computer for many years now so I told her I would help her sell her things for her. I get nothing for doing this for her and I even pay for the bubble wrap and packing peanuts myself. I do this because she is a very sweet and caring person and because she is my friend. The ONLY money I keep is the shipping and insurance fees because I can't afford to pay for it. I only charge you what it costs me to ship the item to you, nothing more. So, please, if you see something you would like to add to your collection, just let me know. I do look over each and every piece as carefully as I can but some repair jobs have been done so expertly, that I would never know unless I was told that it had been damaged. I can't ask Margaret because she doesn't remember specifics on her pieces and half the time she doesn't even remember owning the piece, so if I do miss something, please understand. Unfortunately, Margaret did not keep any of her original boxes. When you decide that you would like to adopt one of Margaret's "babies" please contact me. I will need to know your full name and mailing address. Once I have your info, I will box up your item as safe and securely as I possibly can and get you the total with the shipping and insurance. Payment must be made via Pay Pal. Margaret is willing to take payments but we will have to work out the terms first. I WILL ship anywhere inside or outside the US ( but for outside the US we will have to discuss the details ) I have NOTHING but positive feedback here in the forum. I have been selling on the forum for myself ( Pixie-dust ) and Margaret for MANY years now. I also list thing on eBay from time to time and have 100% positive feedback there as well. Thank you for your interest in Margaret's "baby" Margaret wanted me to thank everyone who has given one of her "babies" a great, new home. She hopes you will love them as much as she had. This listing is for a Bear Feet Candle Lamp. It does come with it's hag tag but it does not have the glass votive or the original box. It is in excellent condition with no chips or rubs.
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Posted: 12/12/2019 Expires: 01/11/2020